Dr. Cameron Hastings

Assistant Social Sciences Division Chair | Political Science Department Co-Chair | Instructor of Political Science

Office: San Rafael 358
Telephone: 818 240 1000 x3226
Email: hastings@glendale.edu

Fall Office Hours:
Tuesday 4:50-5:50 pm;
Thursday 9:40-10:40 am;
Friday 12:30-1:30 pm

Ph.D., UC Riverside

Cameron Hastings came to Glendale College in 2004 to teach political science full time. She currently teaches Introduction to Government (101), Introduction to World Politics (103), Introduction to Comparative Government (102) and Current World Problems (110). She is also an advisor to students participating in Model United Nations, a simulation of the real United Nations and teaches Political Science 108 and 112 designed to offer students credit for participation in conferences.

Dr. Hastings received her bachelor's degree in political science from UCLA and her master's degree from California State University- Long Beach and University of California- Riverside. Additionally, she has her credential in secondary education. She completed a Ph.D. in political science at the University of California- Riverside with an emphasis on international relations and comparative government. Her area of research is water policy in developing countries and more specifically on the decentralization of water services in central Mexico.

Dr. Hastings lives near the beach and spends a large part of her free time (when not reading up on water policy) outside playing soccer and enjoying California. She is an avid traveler, recently going to southern Europe, South America,Bali, Costa Rica, India, and of course, Mexico.